Jan Vormann

There’s some interesting stuff going on in Jan Vormann’s portfolio. Some great studies in how we perceive the everyday architecture and objects around us.



There is some amazing illustration going on over at TSTout. I’m particularly enjoying the re-done movie posters and the Flight of the Conchords CD cover.


Candy Volume 2

Wow, while we were napping over here it seems that Candy have produced not one but two new issues. Dubbed the difficult second volume, it’s packed full of cutting edge art, fashion, design and photography. Head on over to candycollective to pick up your (free) copy now.



RePly is another interesting use of old skateboards by Kris Lovett.


Troika: Newton Virus

A virus for macs?!? Luckily for you apple owners the Newton Virus won’t harm any files on the machine. Instead, at a random time the desktop will fall apart in a spectacular fashion. Developed by those fun loving pranksters at Troika who are also responsible for the magnificent Cloud scupture at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, the Newton Virus is sure to freak out anyone who has it installed. Now, where can I download a copy…


Designer Gasmasks

These designer gasmasks are insane! Designed by the multi-talented artist/designer Diddo Velema, they are, unfortunately not for sale. Instead they exist to make the statement that ‘We are at perpetual war with ourselves, which breeds perpetual fear. This causes an insatiable desire for consumption which we are afraid we may never satisfy.’ The masks are an attempt to acknowledge this fear and through acknowledgement we may breathe a little easier.


Internet Maps

These maps of the internet by Chris Harrison are mesmerising. In a time when communication is at it’s easiest and most convenient it’s easy to forget about the underlying infrastructure that connects us all. These visualisations provide a sense of scale to the faceless networks that surround us in modern life.


Ascii Art Curtains

These Ascii Art Curtains by Nienke Sybrandy are fantastic! The site’s all written in Dutch, so unfortunately I can’t comment on the thought process, but check it out anyway for other great design inspiration.


Kings of Power 4Billion%

Kings of Power 4Billion% is Australian pixel artist wunderkind Paul Robertson’s latest pixel video release. Similar to the previously release Pirate Baby Cabana Battle, this animation shows thousands of brilliantly animated pixel characters fighting to the death in a myriad of macabre settings. You can see more of Paul’s work at the Mechafetus Visualblog or download the video here.

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