Little People

Little People is an art project of miniature proportions. As the name suggests, little people are left in different spots around London to fend for themselves! The photos are great and if you want you can buy a print from the website.


Yvonne Lee Schultz

Yvonne Lee Schultz has some great art works on display on her website. The main themes seem to be either the effects of war and destruction or, in complete contrast, the beauty of this planet (I couldn’t find an artists statement on the site). Either way my favourite is this porcelain handgun, which I guess symbolises the fragility of human life.



ooo000ooo is Brian Morris’ online playground and there’s plenty of great stuff to check out. Everything has a distinctly macabre feel to it (perhaps it’s the skulls!) but there’s some truly inspirational work scattered around especially the vinyl toy art in the whatnots section.


A to Zee

A to Zee is a beautifully illustrated childrens book of the alphabet from the infamous Robotface Collective. Featuring some beautiful graphics from the likes of Ray Frenden (also featured here yesterday!), Drout750, Julie West, Chris Bishop and many more this book is a treat for the design savvy child or just the design savvy! (featured above is C for Crab by Drout750 and Y for Yeti by Julie West).


Ray Frenden

Ray Frenden is a very talented illustrator indeed! His work consists mainly of ghouls, goblins and such but don’t let that frighten you away, his style is amazing. Totally reminds me of Dan Clowes.


Ola Pehrson

Ola Pehrson is a Swedish based artist whose work seems to explore a connection between the real world and computers. Shown here is a 10:1 scale model of a windows 95 desktop, filmed in real time and displayed back onto a computer monitor. Genius!


Type Workshop

Type Workshop have got some great experimental typography going on. Check out the photos from ‘Zig Zag Zombie’ to see some excellent examples.


The Glue Society

The Glue Society are an award winning creative group based in Australia and New York. They’ve got some really great and thought provoking work, utilising many mediums from sculpture to video. Shown above is the sculpture named ‘Hot with the chance of a late storm’ which was entered into the Sculpture by the Sea competition in Tamarama Beach in New South Wales, Australia.


Irwin Redl

Irwin Redl’s work reflects upon the condition of art making after the “digital experience.” Translating this into real world spaces definitely makes for some interesting and abstract art works.


Shaolin: Temple of Zen

Shaolin: Temple of Zen is a book by Justin Guariglia depicting the Shaolin Monks, their beliefs and the incredible martial arts skills they possess. The photogrpahy is strikingly beautiful, capturing at once an immediacy of action but also an underlying calm.

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