DQ Books

There are an incredible amount of e-zines being published around the internet these days. DQ Books stands out from the crowd with it’s amazing production values and the quality of it’s content. Finalist in both Flash Forward (2006) and the Media Art Festival (Japan, 2005), it’s well worth taking the time to discover these gems.


Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang’s art installations are incredible. The movement and ferocity yet strange tranquility of his work is simply astounding.


TXTual Healing

TXTual Healing descibes itself as an SMS enabled interactive street performance. Positioning the elements close to windows and doors passers by can fill in speech bubbles by sending an sms message to a computer to effectively narate what’s going on inside.

Paul Notzold, the creator of TXTual Healing says, “The piece explores the use of mobile technology to trigger dialogue, action and create content for a staged public performance. By using the facade of a building the intention is to engage an audience to think about the physical spaces we move through, live in and share. I’m trying to address public vs. private space and what kind of dialogue might transpire if we shared out private thoughts. The piece was designed to encourage play, idea sharing, thought, discourse, and entertainment.”

You can see more great images on the website as well as get instructions on how to create your own interactive projector.



NP&Co have been putting out some amazing prints featuring the work of Chuck Anderson (nopattern).

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