Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Beautiful illustration from New York artist Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch. You can see more (along with other great illustration) at blow your horn hunter where Maxwell is a regular contributor.



E15 is a research project by MIT which will attempt to allow you (as the user) to visualise web content in any way that you see fit. This can be accomplished in a few ways, either by providing a visual hierarchy to the elements which form a web page, in a three dimensional space or by rendering these items through an image processing engine to create a visual of the site. Looks really interesting, can’t wait for a public release.


Dollar ReDe$ign Project

With the US dollar tanking, why not inject some interest into it by re-designing. The dollar rede$ign project intends to do just that by inviting users to submit their idea of what the dollar should look like. There are some silly ideas, but there are also some really well designed gems.


Light tunnels in Tel Aviv

Wooster Collective have uncovered a great project by Tel Aviv street artists who have been altering the public lighting in underground street tunnels. They say their source of inspiration was the Wizard of Oz although it feels to me a lot more like scenes from The Abyss or 2001: A Space Odyssey. (via PSFK)


Subway poster gets the photoshop treatment

Subway posters in Berlin have been getting the photoshop treatment by some (unknown to me) German street artists. Brilliant idea to remind people of how much re-touching goes into these photos to make them into some sort of ‘human ideal’. The same artist(s) have also been getting their hands on magazines too. (via Gizmodo)


Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin’s infographics are amazing. Taking social and infrastructure data and examining it to find cultural and emergent patterns, his work has been shown Ars Electronica, OFFF, TED and more.



BibliOdyssey is a great blog featuring an eclectic range of historical, science and art illustrations from old and rare books. The range and detail of the images is just astounding and is a great reference.


Knowbotic Research

Knowbotic Research are an art group based in Zurich, that experiment with urbanity, construction of knowledge and political representations in mediatised public spheres. (Above image from the KRCF project — Newborn – Undeliverable?)


Buamai & iPhone

Design image bookmarking site Buamai (which translates to ‘Are you bored?’) have released an iPhone app which randomly selects images from the Buamai database to display on your iPhone, to try and kill your boredom. Nice idea. (via QBN)


Buff Monster

Some nice illustration by the infamous Buff Monster. Really digging the laptop and iphone skins.

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