Read at Work

I stumbled upon Read at Work the other day and was really impressed by the whole deviousness of the scheme! The basic premise allows you to read classic novels whilst posing as doing that important powerpoint presentation that was due yesterday. The interface is really nifty (at emulating windows) and the whole thing kind of reminds me of the boss key that was prevalent in early video games.



I was lucky enough to be able to go and visit the Telectroscope in London bridge last night and I can attest first hand that it is a wonderful piece of interactive public art. The Telectroscope is the brain child of Victorian engineer Alexander Stanhope St George who envisaged a secret tunnel running underneath the Atlantic connecting London with New York.

These plans were re-discovered by Alexander’s great grandson Paul St George a few years ago and with the miracle of modern technology his vision has finally been achieved. The apparatus itself looks like a huge steampunk-esque telescope buried in the ground and allows viewers to communicate in real-time between London and New York via a large screen and webcam.

The exhibition is on in both London (London Bridge) and New York (Brooklyn Bridge) until June 15th, so if you’re in either city I definitely recommend going to check it out.

Photograph by Mathew Andrews


Eco Art Tech

Eco Art Tech works with digital, networked, and sustainable technologies and contemporary environments to create art about the environmentality of modern life. There are some great visualisations showing the collision between natural and digital elements.


Retro Skate Stickers

Man this site takes me back! Days spent cruising along the beach front on an old Powell-Peralta and chilling with good buddies. has an amazing gallery of vintage skate stickers, which is a great reference and super nostalgic for all the old school skaters out there.


Newwork Magazine

“Newwork Magazine is a large-format newspaper publication for readers who appreciate the value of new ideas. Designed and published biannually by studio NEWWORK, issue no.1 shows a selection of contributors solely from New York.”

There’s some wonderful typography and editorial design going on in Newwork. Unfortunately it’s only available in the States at the moment although I’d love to see a European version of it.


Information Taking Shape

Information Taking Shape has some great visualisations of common data by Christina Van Vleck. The newspaper cover stories (pictured above) are great.


Unlike: Berlin

The other day I was dismayed to find that one of my favourite websites, Hypediss was no longer around. Fortunately, it has evolved into something that has the potential to be much greater.

Unlike is a cultural guide to Berlin and hopefully in the future other major cities around the world. It features a local knowledge to the coolest places in Berlin, information which is invaluable to the cultural traveller and which can’t be found in regular guides.


Remeber cassette tapes? If you’re a child of the 70’s or 80’s then you definitely will, children of the 90’s perhaps not so much. Anyway, has a great collection of images of old cassette tapes and you can even sort by brand, playing time and quality (I always liked BASF tapes myself).


Stil in Berlin

In the same vein as Hel Looks and Oslo Stil, Stil in Berlin gives us an insight into the current street fashion trends in the German capital.

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