Pop!Tech seems to me like it is very similar to TED, which is by no means a bad thing. Sharing ideas and innovations in order to create a better society and world to live in seems to be one of the biggest trends in 2007. You can download pop!casts (podcasts) of many of the speakers from Pop!Tech to help understand their vision and learn more.


Ola Pehrson

Ola Pehrson is a Swedish based artist whose work seems to explore a connection between the real world and computers. Shown here is a 10:1 scale model of a windows 95 desktop, filmed in real time and displayed back onto a computer monitor. Genius!


45 iPod Cases

Go retro with your iPod nano! These iPod cases from 45 let you do just that, fitting your iPod nano into an old cassette case. If you happen to have an iPod classic you’re not left out, with custom made cases from old 45 lp cases.


Crystal Roc

Want to add some bling to your rock show? Crystal Roc blings out microphones, decks, drums, guitars and many other stage accessories.



Faesthetic is an art zine, showcasing some of the worlds finest talents. Since it’s original inception in 2001, Faesthetic has issued six other zines and issue seven is now available. The ‘Doomsday’ theme seems to have inspired some spectacular pieces by the looks of things!



Grafuck is a book which visually explores the meeting of design and sexuality. With a mixture of both established and upcoming artists there are a range of provocative ideas and visualisations displayed. Issue 2 is out now, check the site for stockists (potentially nsfw).



VBS.tv is Vice Magazine’s online TV channel. It features great shows such as Thumbs Up!, Heavy Metal Baghdad and the infamous Do’s & Don’ts. Definitely a great way to waste a few hours.


Change This

Change This spreads ideas and manifestos through the use of new media and the power of the Internet (think blogs, pdfs etc.). It’s a great resource for countless different issues, there’s definitely something for everyone.


Angry Retail

Angry Retail make t-shirts and other nice designery objects. Check them out for some cool apparel for both boys and girls! I especially like the Argyle Skull jumper.


hitotoki: London

We love hitotoki. So here’s the heads up. hitotoki is now accepting submissions for their London pages, so any readers from London with an interesting story about the big smoke should head on over to the submissions page and start typing. Also, I have it on good authority that hitotoki are also looking for a few illustrators to illustrate the new London articles. Send them an email if you think you’re up to it.

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