National Geographic Image Collection

Our world is truly an amazing place and no one has captured it better than National Geographic. In anticipation for a new book launch they have created a website displaying some of the stunning images in their collection. Check out the National Geographic Image Collection.


Wifi Camera

Today, networks are pervasive all around us. Wifi Camera photographs objects illuminated by wifi signals, showing the state of the network in our daily lives.


Jim Russi

Jim Russi really captures the free spirit and soul of the surf.


Graffiti Analysis 2.0

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is a project by serial graf hacker Evan Roth. The aim of the project is to provide an open source archive of motion captured graffiti information. Check the videos, they’re great. Then make your own. (via QBN)


Short Film: In the Eye of the Whale

This short documentary directed by Kate Miller chronicles the progress of photographer Bryant Austin’s efforts to capture our world’s largest mammal in a way never before attempted. Rather than using the industry standard fish-eye lens Austin photographs the whales with a fifty megapixel portrait lens, the final result being an undistorted ‘real’ view of these magnificent creatures.


Books in the Age of the iPad

Print is dying. Digital is surging. Everyone is confused. – With these words Craig Mod writes an insightful article on the present and future of publishing. With the recent release of the iPad this article is extremely poignant and presents some excellent ideas about what it means to be publishing content in the Internet age. Go and read Books in the Age of the iPad now.


Disturb Me

“Disturb Me” is an interactive installation by The Popcorn Makers. It is activated and modified by the sounds of it’s surroundings and participants.


Homeless Sims

With ‘The Sims 3’ released just the other day, Technology blog Techcrunch have an interesting interview with Rob Burkinshaw, a game designer who created an experiment called Alice and Kev, which essentially tries to simulate homelessness in The Sims.

The results are quite astounding as you will find, and it is this quote that has stuck with me from the Alice and Kev website:

“What does it mean when a character you’ve created makes you re-examine your own life through their astonishing selflessness?”


Dollar ReDe$ign Project

With the US dollar tanking, why not inject some interest into it by re-designing. The dollar rede$ign project intends to do just that by inviting users to submit their idea of what the dollar should look like. There are some silly ideas, but there are also some really well designed gems.

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