Light tunnels in Tel Aviv

Wooster Collective have uncovered a great project by Tel Aviv street artists who have been altering the public lighting in underground street tunnels. They say their source of inspiration was the Wizard of Oz although it feels to me a lot more like scenes from The Abyss or 2001: A Space Odyssey. (via PSFK)


Subway poster gets the photoshop treatment

Subway posters in Berlin have been getting the photoshop treatment by some (unknown to me) German street artists. Brilliant idea to remind people of how much re-touching goes into these photos to make them into some sort of ‘human ideal’. The same artist(s) have also been getting their hands on magazines too. (via Gizmodo)


Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin’s infographics are amazing. Taking social and infrastructure data and examining it to find cultural and emergent patterns, his work has been shown Ars Electronica, OFFF, TED and more.



BibliOdyssey is a great blog featuring an eclectic range of historical, science and art illustrations from old and rare books. The range and detail of the images is just astounding and is a great reference.


Knowbotic Research

Knowbotic Research are an art group based in Zurich, that experiment with urbanity, construction of knowledge and political representations in mediatised public spheres. (Above image from the KRCF project — Newborn – Undeliverable?)


The Graveyard

The graveyard is a high-concept game by indie developers Tale of Tales in which you take control of an elderly lady and guide her through a graveyard. Once you have reached the chapel you may sit on the seat. The game ends when you leave the graveyard. It’s an interesting concept which really succeeds in creating a mood of quiet contemplation. You can also buy a full version of the game for $5USD which introduces the possibility of death to the game.



Are you an executard? Need to take a faceabbatical? No idea what these words mean. Then Addictionary is the place to go. Packed full of words only the internet could produce, you can look up anything and even add your own words. It’s pretty too!


Pingmag – No More

It’s a sad day when decent design blogs die and Pingmag was one of the best of them. Brilliantly written stories covering the fields of art, design, architecture, fashion and many other categories all with a Japanese twist were what made Pingmag so special. Hopefully the site stays up so you can browse the archives (which I highly suggest doing). Farewell Pingmag.



[deletia] is an artist-run collective that takes the view that art is, or should be, a communication between the artist and viewer.



Sleeveface is a new blog dedicated to the art of holding an LP cover in front of your corresponding body part. Hilarity ensues.

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