Cuprocking is a collaborative project between Mooks and Andy Uprock, showcasing cuprocking, an innovative form of (non-destructive) street art.


Art Futura

Art Futura is a Spanish art festival exploring new media, interactive design, video games and digital animation. Unfortunately it’s over for this year, however you can still check out some of the amazing work displayed.



Ever wanted to track some data from your everyday life? Perhaps, perhaps not, but if you do then Daytum is the app to help you do it. Via it’s beautiful layout you can track and graph progress in your daily life in a variety of ways. (via It’s Nice That)

0100101110101101 is the home of digital rebels Eva and Franco Mattes. Creating compelling digital and physical art since 1998 these two seek to obtain ‘the largest visibility with minimal effort’. Their projects include internet collages, fake artists and a computer virus to name a few. I really enjoy their shock tactics and also the convergence / blurred reality between online and physical life.



Taiwa-Hensokuki is an installation by Yuko Mohri, where two IBM notebooks ‘converse’ with each other with speech synthesis and speech recognition software. As they continue in this process the original message becomes transformed and distorted (perhaps in the same way as in a game of Chinese whispers).


Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop was a brilliant idea for an art store, bringing art by some very high profile artists down to street level in Chinatown, NYC. It also challenged the very nature of the gallery space as unsuspecting patrons could walk in to view the goods, instead finding art. Unfortunately it seems that they have now filed for bankruptcy.


Splatter Exhibition

The Aquarium Gallery in London is currently hosting the Splatter Exhibition featuring all your favourite cartoon characters slicing and dicing each other up. Think Loony Tunes meets Itchy & Scratchy. (via Slash Film)



It’s that time of year again. The onedotzero motion graphics festival is once again upon us. With upcoming events in Denmark, Russia and the UK, if you’re around you should definitely get down to one to check out some of the freshest work in the industry.


Overnewsed but Uninformed

Overnewsed but Uninformed are a collection of brilliant infographics by Stefan Bräutigam. Seeking to show the connections between government and media outlets, so the reader can make a more informed decision about the authenticity of the news they are reading, Overnewsed but Uninformed has an informative and powerful beauty in it’s depiction of these relationships. (Here’s a link to a translated version).


Serge Seidlitz

This piece from Serge Seidlitz is straight dope! This guy’s got some amazing work and a really interesting website. Well worth checking out.

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