Hirngespinster (Fantasies) – Motion Book

Hirngespinster is a concept book design by Tristan Hohne which allows readers to interact and view the thoughts of the books characters. The book sits on a large screen which projects visuals behind it. (via PSFK)



Supermodified by Anthony Dart is an exploration into sound and image and its impact on the environment.


Cryptik Movement

Really digging this style at the moment. Check out the Cryptik Movement Flickr for more…


Musician as Designer

Soundscreen Design creators of music inspired books, prints, apparel and homewares have just released the fifth installment in their Musician as designer series. The shirt created by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs features an image taken from a secret Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn NY. Other artists featuring in the series are Eye (boredoms), Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice), Jeremy Earl (Woods), Shawn Reed (of Wet Hair), Eddie Argos (of Art Brut) and Brian Degraw (of Gang Gang Dance). These shirts are pretty limited edition of less than 100 shirts so get in quick!


Reactable Live!

Reactable seeks to revolutionise computer-human interaction by developing interactive technologies and entertainment products with a focus on music production. The Reactable Live! project is an implementation of sound, shape and multi-touch which creates and entirely new way to produce music. This really has to be seen to be fully appreciated!



The CitID projects calls on creatives to honour their city by submitting a visual representation of the city which is closest to their heart. So far all the continents have been covered, however your help is needed to illustrate every major city in the world.


Make Area

Make Area the online home of Alexey Malina has some nice visual explorations. I’m especially digging the Seven Sins series which explores each sin as a geometric shape.


They Magazine

They Magazine is a publication created by photographer Azita Rasoli and designer Marshall Rake. Issue 1 uses photo collages from various photoshoots combined with short fiction to create an abstract narrative.


Lo Res Project

The Lo Res Project by United Nude aims to create new design variations from objects by running a simplifying software algorithm on the original shapes. There are some very interesting outcomes to this experimentation, which includes a Lamborghini!


Favela Painting

Favela Painting is an amazing project by two dutch artists Haas&Hahn to revitalise the Favelas of Brazil. It’s great to see an initiative that can bring such an enormous change to what can be dangerous and violent places. (via It’s Nice That)

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