Rosa Loves

Rosa Loves is a clothing company with a conscience. Based on the vision that people should be more supportive of and involved with the community around them, they sell beautifully designed T-Shirts and use the proceeds to support a variety of causes. Each shirt tells an individual story relating to the cause it supports. Wonderful.


Candy Volume 2

Wow, while we were napping over here it seems that Candy have produced not one but two new issues. Dubbed the difficult second volume, it’s packed full of cutting edge art, fashion, design and photography. Head on over to candycollective to pick up your (free) copy now.


Wire & Twine

There’s something about this T-Shirt print that I really like. We definitely need more unbridled optimism in the world. Check this one and more out at Wire & Twine.



RePly is another interesting use of old skateboards by Kris Lovett.


Designer Gasmasks

These designer gasmasks are insane! Designed by the multi-talented artist/designer Diddo Velema, they are, unfortunately not for sale. Instead they exist to make the statement that ‘We are at perpetual war with ourselves, which breeds perpetual fear. This causes an insatiable desire for consumption which we are afraid we may never satisfy.’ The masks are an attempt to acknowledge this fear and through acknowledgement we may breathe a little easier.


LG Limited Edition Designers Guild Washing Machines

Popular electronics and appliance manufacturer LG has teamed up with inspirational fabric designers Designers Guild to produce these limited edition washing machines. The designs thmselves seem quite smart although perhaps more than a bit kitsch. I’m in two minds as to how well these designs will fare as the machine gets older, although with planned obsolescense in almost every appliance we buy these days, I’m not sure it’s something to worry about too much.


Giant Flip Clock

This Giant Flip Clock from Little Clock Shop would look great on my desk. Apparently it’s wall mountable as well.


The Seventh Letter

It feels like I’ve been writing a lot about jewellery recently (well in the last couple of months anyway), but I guess that’s because I keep finding more great stuff! The Seventh Letter is no exception although their subject matter is slightly more hardcore. Shown above is the TSL Kenton Parker charm with TSL armour chain.


Anna Tascha

Anna Tascha is a Swedish designer who makes some pretty crazy jewellery. Featured above is the golden earphones necklace.

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