Tokyoflash has the craziest range of watches I’ve ever seen! The watches have got some really interesting and sometimes even innovative ways of displaying the time and they definitely look cool. Just don’t expect to be able to tell the time!



We recently posted about the fantastic ipod cases from 45. Well, if retro isn’t your style you’ve got to check out the iWood range of ipod cases from Miniot. These beautiful hand-crafted cases come in three different flavours for the iPhone, iPod Nano and iPod Classic and are available in oak, padouk, cherry, mahogany or walnut.


45 iPod Cases

Go retro with your iPod nano! These iPod cases from 45 let you do just that, fitting your iPod nano into an old cassette case. If you happen to have an iPod classic you’re not left out, with custom made cases from old 45 lp cases.


SENZ Umbrellas

The SENZ umbrellas have a unique design to allow you go out in extreme wind conditions and not worry about your umbrella turning inside out. The custom shape also provides the best possible coverage to allow you to stay dry in any kind of down-pour. Plus they look cool!


Crystal Roc

Want to add some bling to your rock show? Crystal Roc blings out microphones, decks, drums, guitars and many other stage accessories.


Pantone Espresso Cups

Whilst checking out the London Design Museum’s online store the other day I came across these great Pantone Espresso Cups. They’d make a really good christmas present for the over-caffeinated designer!


Tiger Magazine

Tiger Magazine is a simple yet abstractly beautiful screen magazine. Created by Takeshi Hamada way back in 2000, it’s currently running at issue 33 and features a wonderful mix of art, design and photography. (Note. If any of you know the artist who created the work featured above, please tell me so I can include a credit. T.)


Nixon Ceramic Player

I’ve been a fan of Nixon watches for quite some time now, but have never managed to own one myself (I don’t really like wearing watches). That seems set to change with the realase of the Nixon Ceramic Player. This sweet piece of swiss engineering is part of the Nixon Elite Class, a range of top-of the line timepieces. Now, does anyone want to lend me £1,100?


Emil Kozak

Emil Kozak is a talented Danish designer currently living and working in Barcelona. His design is definitely street inspired but also features a lot of clean lines and great typography.

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