Every day the same dream

Every day the same dream is an existential game which explores alienation and the monotony of today’s business culture. Created by indie game revolutionaries La Molleindustria the game’s protagonist demonstrates a bleak view of an unfulfilling work life.


Locals and Tourists

Locals and Tourists shows various American cities and the volume and locations where tourists take their photos compared to locals. Tourist destinations are an obvious place, but what is most interesting is where the locals take their photos. Potentially a good resource for finding popular spots that aren’t in any travel guides.


The Sandpit

The Sandpit is a beautiful stop motion short by Sam O’Hare depicting a day in the life of New York City, in miniature. The tilt shift effect gives the city such a toy-like effect that it almost seems other-worldly.


Ghostly International

A new kind of record label, Ghostly International prefer to be called a multi-platform cultural curator. Combining visual art, music, technology and more, Ghostly really are the future of the music industry.


Secret Wars Australia

Secret Wars has finally made it across the atlantic and onto Australian shores! The first semi-final was an epic battle between Jon Doe and Crèon, with Jon Doe edging out the competition after a split decision. The second semi-final is on July 1st at Name this bar, so if you’re in Sydney, I recommend checking it out.



T-Shirts, the staple of the modern wardrobe and one item of clothing that you can never have enough of! French blog Grafitee does a great job of showcasing the latest in T design.


The Lion

For when a song fits a picture, or a picture fits a song. The Lion. Beautiful.



Who said organisation has to be boring? Lufdesign makes organising your space fun, whilst also being environmentally conscious. Shown here is the Leaf Tie, an interesting take on the dull old cable tie. Also some great concepts in the Fork & Cream Sauce and ECord.

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