OhNo! Doom

OhNo! Doom create some seriously badass plush toys! With the iminent release of the aptly named ‘fluffy yukyuk’, I’d check out the site now and grab one before it’s too late.


Angry Retail

Angry Retail make t-shirts and other nice designery objects. Check them out for some cool apparel for both boys and girls! I especially like the Argyle Skull jumper.


Sarah Van Gameren

Sarah Van Gameren’s design explores the manufacturing process and how accidents can also be beautiful. She is currently the designer in residence at the London Design Museum. Shown above are samples of her work ‘Big Dipper’ which shows the process of creating candles using complex clockwork machinery. The results are amazing, with each ‘chandelier like’ candle containing it’s own individual intricacies.

If you’re in London you can go and see her work at the Design Museum or I noticed yesterday a big dipper machine in a shop next to Design Guild on Kings road.



Antigirl (aka Tiphanie Brooke) makes some great original fine art prints & books. All her work has a real hand made feel to it and is undeniably beautiful. Plus, she’s having a sale. Check it out.


hitotoki: London

We love hitotoki. So here’s the heads up. hitotoki is now accepting submissions for their London pages, so any readers from London with an interesting story about the big smoke should head on over to the submissions page and start typing. Also, I have it on good authority that hitotoki are also looking for a few illustrators to illustrate the new London articles. Send them an email if you think you’re up to it.


Naked Light

I really wish I had a mac right now. Naked Light provides node based image editing, not dissimilar to video compositing software. What this means is, as they put it on the site, non-destructive image editing which basically allows for multiple levels of undo as well as adding and removing filters at any point in the document’s workflow. Damn cool! Not a photoshop killer obviously but, Naked Light looks like it will be fun to mess around with.


Start Drawing dot Org – The Asia Drawing Portal

Start Drawing dot Org is, perhaps as my title suggests, a portal for Asian artists to showcase their work. There’s some really great stuff over there, some of it contemporaray and some with a quite definite Asian influence.


Found Magazine

Before there was fffound there was found magazine. This magazine hits where fffound misses, an insight into someones life, a fleeting glance at a persons inner-most thoughts, or even outer-most thoughts. Highly personal, highly beautiful. A must read.


Fuck This Book

Ok so maybe it’s a bit juvenile but hey, I laughed. Fuck this book is comprised of photos of street signs with the word ‘fuck’ strategically placed over part of them (but you already guessed that, right?). Some of the photos had me laughing out loud! Kinda reminds me of I park lik an idiot.

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