TED stands for technology, entertainment, design and according to the website, it began as a conference in 1984. It’s obvious TED has evolved over the years and the website definitely reflects this with hundreds of video talks of people who are the leaders in whichever field they represent. Definitely a place to go to get inspired.


Reverse Graffiti

According to wikipedia the definition of reverse graffiti is:

Reverse graffiti also known as clean tagging, dust tagging or grime writing, is a method of removing dirt from a surface while creating graffiti on walls or other surfaces. It is usually done by removing dirt/dust with the fingertip(s) from windows or other dirty surfaces.



Deadgood are a UK based industrial design team, focussed on creating products that people will love. Shown above are the very smart hanger and bookshelf.


The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp is a beautiful piece of utilitarian design. Designed to look and bend like a paperclip, this lamp is a must have for any office.



Like a lot of people I quite like the vinyl toy fad that’s going around these days. As such Vinyltoys.nl is quite a gem, providing templates for all the latest toys from Kid Robot, October Toys, Ready Mech and more.


You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

So I guess most of you have seen the new Sony Bravia tv spot featuring lovely plasticine bunnies bouncing around NYC. And I guess most of you who frequent other design related blogs are aware of the fuss that’s been created over exactly how “inspired” it was by original images by Kozyndan.

Well, You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice showcases that and many other designs which have obviously been heavily “inspired” by the ideas of others. Some are quite obviously like for like plaigiarists others not so much. It’s a very fine line it seems.



Our world is important for so many reasons, not only for the fact that without it, we as a species would not exist. As such we need to work on preserving it and keeping it safe for future generations.

Greenpeace are the world’s largest organisation dedicated to this cause. At a glance they help safeguard our world against:

  • Climate change
  • Defending marine life and habitats
  • Keeping ancient forests safe from logging
  • Encouraging world peace and disarmament

It’s strongly recommended that you check out their website (www.greenpeace.org) to see how you can help. It’s in the best interests of not only yourself, but everyone around you.

This post was encouraged by Blog Action Day.


ReGrind – The Art Of Board

ReGrind make some cool furniture from old skateboards. Ranging from mirrors to coffee tables these are great relics for old and young skaters alike.


Moving Color

Remember hypercolor t-shirts? Moving Color does the same thing, albeit in a much more fashionable way. These bath tiles whilst staying a neutral grey in cooler temperatures come to life once the shower is on creating a rainbow of colour throughout your bathroom.


The perfect fridge?

Beer lovers and alcoholics unite. Could this be the perfect fridge? The Asko Home Pub integrates a mini keg holder and beer tap right into the refrigerator. Link via Gizmodo. Thanks Ferg.

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