Laura J Potter

Laura J Potter makes beautiful, unassuming jewellery. The pieces have an innocent quality, which reflect, as she writes on her website, “Everyday habits and common belief”.


hitotoki: New York Launches

We’ve posted about hitotoki a few times before, but I think this wonderful website deserves more credit. hitotoki: New York has just launched! Go and read some tales from the big apple now.


Flat Futures (Digital Papers)

If only this were real! Flat futures, the MA project of Miquel Mora, shows how digital paper could be interacted with in order to provide meaning to the user. One of his examples shows a paper alarm clock which switches off when it is scrunched up. My favorite though is the memory envelope (via CR Blog) which shows the recipient where the letter has travelled on it’s way to them via gprs.


Jody Morris

Get your fix of skate photography. Jody Morris takes some amazing photographs for people like DC Shoes, Plan B, Adio, Element, Volcom and tons more.


Rebound Designs

Ok so this sort of thing isn’t really my sort of thing, but for all the ladies out there Rebound Designs create these amazing bags made from old books. Shown above is the brilliant ‘Psychology Today’ bag.



Citizen:Citizen is an art concept/store created by Ju$t Another Rich Kid (Ken Courtney) and Tobias Wong. The website an experience unto itself. You, as the user are left to explore it’s vastness in a non-linear way, encountering many images and feelings before even seeing a product.



Is this the perfect desk? Milk is a workstation designed by Soren Kjaer of in2media which features among other things, a hidden cable drawer, integrated filing, hydraulic height adjustment and even a fish tank! Perfect for wowing just about anyone in the room. Need one? Go and talk to Holmris Office (the manufacturer) about owning one now!


E-Paper Watch

Ok this is cool. With Amazon about to introduce their own e-book reader, Seiko have gone ahead and and made an e-paper watch. The prototype in the image above does seem to look very feminine but I’m sure a more masculine one will be made for the gadget boys.



Everyone loves stickers! Wallspankers is a free quarterly zine with hundreds of stickers that you can print off yourself. Issue four, the summer edition is out now. So go and grab yourself some free art to decorate your space with.


Bone Socks

Considering fashions continuing fixation with skulls and skeletons, these (anatomically correct) bone socks come from an unlikely source. All Heart is a supplier of medical gowns and uniforms and is also the place where these socks can be found. For the low low price of only $19.98 you too can show the inner workings of your body on the outside!

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