Those of you who read Wired magazine may have already seen this but I think it’s worthy of a re-post. Readymech are a series of flat-pack cardboard toys ready for you to download and build for free. There are some really great designs there by artists such as Dro and Jules and the whole series is brought to you by the wonderful designers over at Fwis.


Surrealien: Warping Wallpaper

Fancy living inside a Dali painting? With this amazing warping wallpaper from Surrealien you can. Using technology that applies a grid to warp around the elements in your room they can produce this mind blowing effect. Just make sure you don’t eat any mushrooms before entering!


Candy Issue 8

Candy Issue 8 is out and it’s their second birthday! This issue is the no theme issue. Filled with goodness from Jeremyville, Tiffany Bozic, The Designers Republic among many others.

Go. Read. Enjoy.


Blog Action Day

So this is quite a good idea, Blog Action Day invites blogs worldwide to unite and blog about one important issue on October 15th, 2007. I think this is a great way to raise the profile of world issues and the reach of this could be phenomenal. With some big names in the blog world like lifehacker among others (it was a big damned list and I couldn’t be bothered scanning it all to find another big name blog, but they’re in there!) this has the potential to be very big. Needless to say this blog will be participating, and if any of you guys have blogs then it’d be cool if you did too!



Domestic are a French company who create designer ‘wallpaper’ made from vinyl to create unique patterns for use in the home. These funky designs really break up the room and have the potential to create beautiful feature walls in any environment.


Last Exit To Nowhere

Being a bit of a film geek, Last Exit To Nowhere is awesome. As they say on their site:

“home to a collection of unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction – from the sunny shores of Amity Island (Jaws) to the frozen climes of Outpost #31 (The Thing).”

I especially love the Tyrell Corp & Weyland-Yutani (from Bladerunner & Aliens respectively, and shown above), which are two of my favourite movies ever.


Banksy vs Warhol

Damn, this is a treat. Two modern contemporary artists together in the same space, juxtaposed against and even imitating each other. Located in the Hospital Gallery in Covent Garden, London, this is what they have to say for themselves:

Campbell’s or Tesco? Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth, The Beatles, Smiley Man police statue, Andy Warhol himself and others make for a potent cocktail of celebrity, satire and voyeurism. Upon contact opposing pictures are explosive for their contrast, even of the same subject.

Definitely one not too miss if you’re in Ye Olde London Towne. Check out Banksy vs Warhol…


Oslo Stil

In the same vein as Hel Looks (which we’ve covered previously) comes Oslo Stil, this time as the name suggests, showing street fashion from Norway. I’m undecided as to whether the Finnish or the Norwegian have the best dress sense so it’s easier just to say that these Scandinavians have style!


The Art of Detouch

The Art of DeTouch is an application built in processing that reveals the extent of image re-touching that is applied to images before you see them on the magazine shelf. Using a before and after threshold slider, it’s amazing (and sometimes shocking) to see the amount of work that goes into making these images ‘print ready’.


hitotoki: New York

We’ve posted about hitotoki before, but they definitely deserve a second mention. Hitotoki will soon be launching a NYC edition and if the stories are of the same high standard we’ve come to expect from the Tokyo edition it’s bound to be a treat! So if you hail from the big apple or have a great tale from when you are there, go and submit it now.

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