Pika Pika 2007 Release!

Pika Pika are undoubtably the masters of lightning doodles! Their 2007 release shows some amazing stop motion flashlight handiwork. Check it out now.

You can also find out more on their blog.


The Diorama that Ruled the World

The Diorama that Ruled the World is an artwork by Joel Swanson that depicts the Adobe Photoshop interface in three dimensions. Pretty neat visualisation for all the graphic designers out there.


The Floating Logos Project

The Floating Logos Project is a series of interesting photo manipulations by Matt Siber. The artists statement on his website sums up the project perfectly:

“Inspired by the proliferation of very tall signs in the American Mid-West, Floating Logos seeks to draw attention to this often overlooked form of advertising…

…Making the signs appear to float not only draws attention to this type of signage but also gives them, and the companies that put them there, an otherworldly quality.”

This project is especially interesting considering the recent events in Sao Paulo, Brazil where street advertising has now been completely banned.


Tunto Design

Tunto Design is a Finnish design studio creating interesting furniture items for the home. Featured here is the ‘Skede’, a great way to incorporate skateboard culture into your living space without compromising design integrity.


Open Source Food

Open Source Food is a great idea, a social network for food lovers. Contained within the site are a myriad of interesting recipes by both professional chefs and amateurs alike. The quality of the photography really stands out and once you have created a profile you can keep track of your favourites and even create entire menus. Brilliant!


Boiler Design Office

Boiler Design Office make some fun and stylish stuff. Featured here is the picket fence, whose aim is to hide wires that normally just lie on the floor and lace tape, which makes taping things much more interesting…



Hektor is a graffiti machine! No, I mean quite literally, Hektor, is a portable spray-paintoutput device for laptop computers. Created by Jürg Lehni and Uli Franke, Hektor has performed for many art galleries and even for I.D. magazine.


Secret Wall Tattoos

Ever wondered what some creative people get up to during a short stay in a hotel? Secret Wall Tattoos displays artwork that only the experienced traveller knows about, well until now. Check some amazing creations hidden behind ordinary hotel furniture. Next time you’re travelling don’t forget to check behind the pictures hanging on the wall, you might find something inspiring!



Strandbeest is the sculpture of Theo Jansen. The pieces are built to walk using wind power, looking like some sort of mythical creature. They kind of remind me of Howl’s Moving Castle in a way. Totally mesmerizing.


Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins does street sculpture and installations. Breaking away from the usual paste-up or stencils of the current street art scene, Mark makes temporary sculptures, some of which comment on today’s society, others which are simply mischievous and fun.

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