Tjep is a design studio from Amsterdam. If you look past their slightly confusing website, you can find some cool stuff like the signature vase featured above.


Normal Design

Normal Design is the studio of Ross McBride a former graphic designer turned product designer who produces some out of this world timepieces. There are some very clever designs, some of which look as if they are straight out of a Dali painting.


Hel Looks

Hel Looks shows street fashion from Helsinki, Finland. You can see a wide variety of sub-cultures each with their own individual take on fashion.


Le Cool

Le Cool is an e-newsletter detailing cool events in a European city near you. If you live in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Milan, Rome or London check it out today to get the low-down.


Tank Theory

Since no-one can ever have enough T-Shirts, Tank Theory has some good stuff, most with dark themes such as tribal (but not in a cheesy way) and the occult. With new artists designing every month there’s always something new to check out.


Refill 07

Skateboard mag Refill has collaborated with artists around the globe to create these awesome laser-etched skate decks. Artists like UPSO, Parra, Alife and many more have produced some sick work. Go check it out.



hitotoki is a beautiful website containing a wealth of interesting stories by people who live in or have visited Tokyo. Take the time to read a few of them and immerse yourself in a culture that is both chaotic and beautiful at the same time.


Project Fox

According to the official website Project Fox:- “gives young people the opportunity to develop new ideas, test and realize them. They are invited to develop new concepts for designs and routines of urban life, to rethink and redefine the given and already known. There are basically no restrictions. The full development of the creative potential is paramount. ”

The results are nothing short of stunning. In particular, Hotel Fox is full of spectacular themed rooms created by street artists the world over.

*room in image above designed by Rinzen


Candy Issue 7

Candy Magazine issue number seven is out! This time around we’ve got the Girlpower Shopping Issue. In case you’re not familiar with it already, Candy is a free PDF magazine covering a range of different artists, designers and design related stuff. Go and check it now at Candyculture!



inPRNT! is a brand new fine art repro service who’ll deliver great prints right to your door. There’s some great stuff on there by independent artists and it doubles as a community site, since anyone can apply to have their art reproduced. I especially like the work of Joy Ang (Terrorsel by Joy Ang featured above).

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