two create

two create are a London based design duo who do some great work in both two and three dimensions. Check out the ‘Poise’ candle holder for a good example of a utilitarian type object given a unique, yet functional form.


Packet Garden

Packet Garden analyses your network traffic and creates a virtual world for you to explore. As it’s name suggests, by analyzing the packets sent and received by your computer as you surf the Internet, a unique garden is created. You can download it for free from the official site.


Project Blinkenlights

In a similar vein to our previous posts on large scale art/tech (Graffiti Research Lab & Textual Healing) – Project Blinkenlights is a new take, actually using the buildings as a light source instead of simply projecting images onto them. These images weren’t static either, as members of the Chaos Computer Club (the group behind Project Blinkenlights) and members of the general public were able to play games of pong on a huge scale!


Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki’s (potentially NSFW?) artwork is simply amazing. The figures seem innocent yet erotic, and it almost seems as if there is something darker still at work.



This one’s an oldie, but damn I wish Staticmag would bring us some freshness. V2 came out sometime last year (or was it even the year before?) and rocked our worlds with some mad artwork and interviews.


Graffiti Research Lab

Wow! The GRL just keep on rocking. Dedicated to arming graffiti artists with the latest technology, the above image shows the GRL laser-tag system that has just been unveiled. Such an amazing way to communicate.



Talk about smart. Atypyk create off-the wall products based on everyday objects. Super high concept design and extremely clever thinking.



Super busy designers/artists/fashionistas AI+KO have just set up a new online store. Featuring some rad prints and the very cool table cloth, you’d better get in there quick since they are all limited runs of 150 (and a few one-offs). Some great work from AbnormalBehaviorChild is also available.


You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful is such a positive and amazing art project from Chicago. In their own words (and it couldn’t be said any better:

The intention behind this project is to reach beyond ourselves as individuals to make a difference by creating moments of positive self realization in those who happen across the statement: You Are Beautiful.

So get over there, grab some stickers and start making a difference in someone elses life now!


Sex in Art

Sex in Art (NSFW) is a wonderful blog full of, as it’s name suggests, erotic art. The above image is by Polish artist Agata Bogacka.

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