Earth From Above

Earth From Above is a photography exhibition by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Featuring breath-taking images of our fragile environment the exhibition seeks to draw attention to our individual responsibility to care for our planet.


Before I Die I Want To…

Before I Die I Want To… is an interesting art project showing polaroids of random strangers with the one thing that they would like to do before they die.


Richard Box

Richard Box is a UK based artist whose work Field (shown above) is quite stunning. Featuring over 800 fluorescent tubes in a field which are powered not by normal means but by the electromagnetic field emmenating from the powerlines overhead.


Days with My Father

Days with My Father is a beautiful if somewhat sad site depicting photographer Phillip Toledano’s life with his father, who has no short term memory. The narrative is moving and the photography, touching.


Jan Von Holleben

The’Dreams of Flying’ series by photographer Jan Von Holleben are excellent. Capturing the true feeling of childrens imagination and play, they capture an innocence and a nostalgia of what it was like when you were a child.


Natasja Fourie

Photographer Natasja Fourie has a really great website. Her photography is equally as good and really stands out from the crowd with her use of locations and other media.


Li Wei

The art of Li Wei is very curious indeed! Depicting people in impossible positions is his forté and the results are incredible. Go check him out for some mind bending imagery.


Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley’s photography possesses an ethereal innocence that is so rarely seen or captured today. His series ‘I know where the Summer goes’ depicts carefree youth beautifully. Some of the content may not be suitable for work (NSFW).


Canvas Magazine

As well as covering some great styles, Canvas Magazine has also got some of the most excellent photography I’ve seen in a while. Check it out.


Candy Volume 2

Wow, while we were napping over here it seems that Candy have produced not one but two new issues. Dubbed the difficult second volume, it’s packed full of cutting edge art, fashion, design and photography. Head on over to candycollective to pick up your (free) copy now.

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