Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers is a fantastic set of creative infographics which paint a stunning and disturbing portrait of American culture.


Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith’s photographic works are the opitomy of organised chaos. The set designs look like they have been hit by an explosion, but upon more careful observation you can see that everything has been set in place down to the most minute detail. He also has some wonderful experimentations with colour as seen above in a work from the ‘Paper’ series.


Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious is a talented photographer from Connecticut. His mix of photography with fantastical elements as in his Puffin Clouds series are inspirational.


Last Night’s Garbage

Last Night’s Garbage is an interesting look at the inhabitants of New York City, through their garbage. The writing is damn hilarious as well. Definitely worth a look!


Shaolin: Temple of Zen

Shaolin: Temple of Zen is a book by Justin Guariglia depicting the Shaolin Monks, their beliefs and the incredible martial arts skills they possess. The photogrpahy is strikingly beautiful, capturing at once an immediacy of action but also an underlying calm.


Patrick Winfield

Patrick Winfield is a New York based artist who creats some amazing composite images from many different photographs.



There’s something about polaroids that just seems to capture the essence of the moment far more eloquently than any other form of photography. Polanoid is an online community dedicated to the love of polaroid photography. Not only is there a huge amount of wonderful amateur polaroids, but what really makes Polanoid stand out is the addition of back stories to all the photos, giving a wonderful insight into the time and place they were taken. (Image above by artpunk)


Faces in Places

Faces in Places is an entertaining little blog all about finding faces in unlikely inanimate objects. Great for a quick laugh, and interesting to see the varied objects take on a weirdly human form that is sometimes intended but mostly accidental.


Tiger Magazine

Tiger Magazine is a simple yet abstractly beautiful screen magazine. Created by Takeshi Hamada way back in 2000, it’s currently running at issue 33 and features a wonderful mix of art, design and photography. (Note. If any of you know the artist who created the work featured above, please tell me so I can include a credit. T.)


Jody Morris

Get your fix of skate photography. Jody Morris takes some amazing photographs for people like DC Shoes, Plan B, Adio, Element, Volcom and tons more.

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