Hip.Young.Thing. has been delivering design related news to a global audience since 2006. In a new initiative, are now offering sponsorship opportunities to businesses and brands which align with our values and objectives.

RSS Feed Sponsorship

We are proud to announce our first advertising initiative, RSS Feed Sponsorship. Hip.Young.Thing. has a large RSS subscriber base of around 160,000 subscribers, which results in approximately 10,850 item views and  5,580 clicks back to our site per month.

As this is our first foray into sponsored advertising we currently do not have any information on CPM of our advertising and it is priced to reflect this.

The sponsorship offering is as follows:

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Cost: USD$600.00


For this, you will have your advertisement, with an optional image inserted into the footer of every RSS item that month.

Example advertisement

If you are interested in obtaining more information on sponsorship please email info@hipyoungthing.com