Remeber cassette tapes? If you’re a child of the 70’s or 80’s then you definitely will, children of the 90’s perhaps not so much. Anyway, Tapedeck.org has a great collection of images of old cassette tapes and you can even sort by brand, playing time and quality (I always liked BASF tapes myself).


Mark Coleran

Mark Coleran has a brilliant showreel of his visualisations of computer interfaces in movies. This is some serious science-fiction, although it’s interesting to see some of these concepts coming to fruition with ground-breaking technologies like surface.


Troika: Newton Virus

A virus for macs?!? Luckily for you apple owners the Newton Virus won’t harm any files on the machine. Instead, at a random time the desktop will fall apart in a spectacular fashion. Developed by those fun loving pranksters at Troika who are also responsible for the magnificent Cloud scupture at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, the Newton Virus is sure to freak out anyone who has it installed. Now, where can I download a copy…


Chris O’Shea

Chris O’Shea is a talented artist/designer who creates some amazing interactive work. Shown above is a piece called “echoChamber” which is a 3D navigable soundscape.


Internet Maps

These maps of the internet by Chris Harrison are mesmerising. In a time when communication is at it’s easiest and most convenient it’s easy to forget about the underlying infrastructure that connects us all. These visualisations provide a sense of scale to the faceless networks that surround us in modern life.



Complexification is the online playground of Jared Tarbell and features some great experiments using the Processing programming language. Shown above is the work ‘Substrate’, in which a series of lines are drawn intersected and filled, the end process sharing similarities to that of a patchwork countryside.



We recently wrote about Passage an experimental art game by Jason Rohrer. Well, he’s done it again, releasing Gravitation a new experiment in mania, melancholia, and the creative process. The game itself is beautiful, go play it now!

Update: The Escapist has a great interview/editorial with Jason Rohrer regarding the pursuit of perfection when designing games. Well worth the read. (via Kotaku)



Levelhead is a conceptual game that requires players to utilise their spatial memory. The player controls a man who is seemingly trapped inside a cube. By manouvering this cube the player must lead the man through seperate rooms in 120 seconds or less. The video for Levelhead is astounding and I find the concept very clever indeed, especially the real interaction between the player, cube and computer screen.


Funky Forest

Funky Forest is a brilliant interactive display built by Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille. The forest is an ‘interactive ecosystem’ where children can create trees and then are required to divert a water flow in order to keep them alive. I’ve really been digging interactive installations recently and this one is just amazing, it’s a great concept and the visuals are stunning.


Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet looks like it could be the ultimate play mat for young and old alike. Just looking at it takes me back to my childhood, creating hills and flat sections for my racing car track.

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