Go To China

Go To China is the result of a school trip by 17 Norwegian students to Shanghai and Beijing. Packed with some brilliant photography, a unique design and some excellent travel tips this is a great reference for those planning on visiting this amazing place.


Art Space Tokyo

Art Space Tokyo is a great new book by Chin Music Press.Acting as your personal guide to Art Galleries in and around Tokyo this beautifully illustrated book is the perfect companion to the more traditional travel guides.


Unlike: Berlin

The other day I was dismayed to find that one of my favourite websites, Hypediss was no longer around. Fortunately, it has evolved into something that has the potential to be much greater.

Unlike is a cultural guide to Berlin and hopefully in the future other major cities around the world. It features a local knowledge to the coolest places in Berlin, information which is invaluable to the cultural traveller and which can’t be found in regular guides.


hitotoki expands again!

The ever brilliant hitotoki is expanding again. For those who haven’t heard of hitotoki before (we’ve covered them here, here and here), it’s a wonderful site full of irreverant travel tales from outsiders looking in to the cultures of Japan, America and Great Britain, focusing on big cities. Some of the stories are funny, others heartwarming and some sad but all give the reader a certain unique flavour of the city and it’s culture. This time they are heading into DC, Paris and Shanghai.



TwoThousand, in a similar vein to Le Cool magazine is another brilliant city guide, this time for Sydney-siders. Claiming to be a sub-cultural guide to Sydney, you’ll be sure to find the most interesting art/fashion/music goings on in the city.


hitotoki: New York Launches

We’ve posted about hitotoki a few times before, but I think this wonderful website deserves more credit. hitotoki: New York has just launched! Go and read some tales from the big apple now.


hitotoki: New York

We’ve posted about hitotoki before, but they definitely deserve a second mention. Hitotoki will soon be launching a NYC edition and if the stories are of the same high standard we’ve come to expect from the Tokyo edition it’s bound to be a treat! So if you hail from the big apple or have a great tale from when you are there, go and submit it now.


Secret Wall Tattoos

Ever wondered what some creative people get up to during a short stay in a hotel? Secret Wall Tattoos displays artwork that only the experienced traveller knows about, well until now. Check some amazing creations hidden behind ordinary hotel furniture. Next time you’re travelling don’t forget to check behind the pictures hanging on the wall, you might find something inspiring!


Le Cool

Le Cool is an e-newsletter detailing cool events in a European city near you. If you live in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Milan, Rome or London check it out today to get the low-down.



hitotoki is a beautiful website containing a wealth of interesting stories by people who live in or have visited Tokyo. Take the time to read a few of them and immerse yourself in a culture that is both chaotic and beautiful at the same time.

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